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Infinity's Tale

Infinity's Tale is a science-fiction (or space-opera) setting built upon the theories of hypercomputation and universe simulation. The stories I've written in it center around a game designer and his penchant for gaining control of world economies.

Early drafts

I've been working in the Infinity's Tale universe since I was eleven years old. You might enjoy reading what younger me thought was cool.

Prologue, attempt 1 (2005—2008)
I wrote the first page of this at some point back in high-school. It all fit on one page of foolscap paper, and it was the first time I was ever genuinely happy with my writing. After that, I added onto it in fits and starts. It took me a long time to come up with a better opening than this one.
Prologue, attempt 2 (2009)
A second attempt at the first chapter of the first book. A bit too on-the-nose this time. Note the scrollbar, though.
Joy (2005)
A combination of narrative excerpts and infodumping segments which together developed the idea of "the maintainers," the mortal gods who keep the Infinity's Tale universe operational.
KittyPants (2007)
Developing Pearl's background by doing bad things to her.


The Dead God (2007)
An attempt to turn a certain antiquated view of the world into a near-future speculative-fiction thriller.

EtherIF games

These are transcripts of improvisational Interactive Fiction sessions. I served as the "game interpreter" for a group of friends, in a manner similar to Sleep is Death. Commands were given on an Etherpad, and then my responses were edited in below each command, as if I was relaying responses from some game program only I had access to.

Christmas (2 sessions)
A girl has decided not to die. Intended to be a romance, but we never really reached that point. This story is unfinished.

I've also written some explicit/NSFW fiction; if you really want to, you can find it here.