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I set out to write a didactic exploration on the nature of ethics in a utopia, in the time-tested form of fanfiction. This fanfiction happened to be of a fanfiction, which was itself of another fanfiction, which branched roughly from something otherwise nice and cheerful. At this level of indirection, the source material is unrecognizable.

Interesting mostly for the character studies; the didactic part of the story was lost in the noise of fanservice. You could try to read it all from the beginning if you wanted to pick it out.

Lu (chp. 1, post #16)
Damage, hope, and pragmatism.
Mina (chp. 1, post #39)
Impulse and frustration.
Yellow (chp. 2, post #36)
Civilization (chp. 2, post #100)
Doing the best she can.

EtherIF games

These are transcripts of improvisational Interactive Fiction sessions. I served as the "game interpreter" for a group of friends, in a manner similar to Sleep is Death. Commands were given on an Etherpad, and then my responses were edited in below each command, as if I was relaying responses from some game program only I had access to.

BEDSTUCK (3 sessions)
A non-canon extension of the LooPie universe, and a bawdy and terrible satire of the conventions of IF. Notable, I think, for using monads as a game mechanic.