Infinity's Tale

A scientific romance serial, delivered weekly · Written by tsu

Infinity’s Tale is a story being written and released for free on the Internet, one page at a time. It’s a philosophical military romantic comedy in space, but most people just call it science fiction. It follows the adventures of Zallus Kanite, a boy who wakes up many millions of lightyears away from Earth with a mild case of superpowers.

Infinity’s Tale is also under open development, meaning that all the notes, scraps, and messy webs of thought that have gone—or will go—into the story are available online for your perusal. If you’re captivated and enthralled by the setting, the cultures and species, the concepts and technologies—in short, if you’re the kind of person for whom the Star Fleet Technical Manual is a coffee-table book—a deep dive through here might be as enjoyable as the story itself.