tsu is Levi Aul

Writer · Programmer · Ludonarrativist

Hi, I'm Levi — though I usually go by tsu.

You might know me as the founder of the Peripia project. I set out in 2010 to build a social operating system called Peri — first on my own, then with support from a wonderful group of contributors and testers. I'm no longer a part of Peripia, but they're still doing great work. You should check it out.

I keep a blog, sometimes personal but mostly about my experiences in crafting systems of incentives to encourage social or productive behavior (sometimes called gamification.) If you have a business and you're interested in doing the same, I'm available for consulting.

I live in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. If you're in the area, I can always make time to chat. If your story involves an awesome team working on some interesting problems, you might want to employ me.

I enjoy linguistics, music theory, and Bayesian philosophy; and I hope to one day publish a thing called Infinity's Tale.