Where I Want To Be

Zallus awoke early in the new day. After Zackley had fallen asleep, he had stumbled outside through the darkness of the room's periphery and laid down to watch the stars. His head had barely touched the ground before he was asleep as well.

He stood up and walked inside. It was clear in the light that Zackley's home was under the same strange charm that he was—Zallus could see right through the inner walls to the garden outside. The only things unaffected seemed to be the items resting on the table, including one new: a card, taken from the pile, with something written, or drawn, upon it. Zallus didn't try to decipher it, instead coming to Zackley's side and shaking him energetically. Several loud and angry-sounding screeches later, he had regained enough consciousness to find more intelligible words. Continue doing that and find… eyes now is inside …throat. Understand, right?

Zallus backed away with a smirk. Good, you're awake, he said cheerily, it's boring here, and there's nothing to eat but bananas. Can we get going?

Zackley stumbled, struck by Zallus' ignorance of his threat. Yes… yes. Wait a little, he mumbled, glancing around to the corners of the room.

In the light, it was clear that Zackley had long since dropped any pretense of living in society. His clothes appeared worn beyond all repair, and dirty as if they might melt upon touching disinfectant. While they were solid, the man contained within—and it was a man, looking despite scruffy white hair around 27—seemed delicate, his eyes carefully set into a thin ivory shell that had never seen hard-boiling. That one could see the back of his head through its front didn't help.

Zackley spotted something in one corner and went to grab it. He returned with a smile on his face, a strange glimmer in his eyes, and a large, green bag crumpled up in his slight hands. This is my last new idea. It becomes small, blooms, and can become small again. It doesn't use water, but uses body strength, he explained proudly.

And what do you call it? Zallus asked, raising an eyebrow slightly.

I… do not? Pearl gives names. If I give name, name is probably used before… Zackley said, lowering his head, last name from me is… monkey. What I said that, Pearl laughed.

Zallus couldn't help but draw amusement at the concept as well. That's good, though; it has to be called something. Monkey bag works, he said, grappling down a convulsion of laughter.

Truly, right? Zackley almost yelled, his head raised and the sparkle back in his eyes, Monkey bag. Now monkey bag has name. What is word for saying now? I am most happy!

The word you want is… Zallus thought for a moment, then said with a devious expression, Huzzah.

Huzzah! Zackley exclaimed.

Zackley dropped his few possessions into the now primate-titled bag and pulled on the edge around its opening. The bag responded by collapsing into a single green pellet, barely the size of his thumbnail. He passed it to Zallus. The pellet weighed even less than it looked, barely enough to keep from floating through the air, and not enough to prevent Zallus from fumbling and dropping it. It hit the ground with a huge bang, and was back to its original size instantly.

Zackley took the bag, shrank it again, and shoved it into the pocket of his long, black coat. He cocked his head at Zallus, beckoning him to follow, and strode quickly out the door.

Zallus came outside to find the light plane now well above the horizon. The air seemed thicker here—more of the sky was lit up and day than where he first arrived. There also seemed to be green in the distance. The two set off quickly towards it.